Art can be considered one of the greatest expressions of our souls. The recent pandemic has highlighted that the deeply embedded exclusivity of the art market needs a radical overhaul. There are several threads to this need for an overhaul, firstly, people find it difficult to appreciate modern art as they have limited access to it as it is presented to the world in exhibitions that are exclusive to rich people. This is compounded by the fact that prices are ever-growing making ownership beyond the grasp of the average person.

Move In Colors: A Unique Art Association!

Immerse Yourself In Vibrancy: Move In Colors, Where Art Comes Alive!” Move In Colors stands out among other art associations for its commitment to diversity and fostering meaningful connections among its members. It goes beyond being just a platform and creates a vibrant ecosystem where: In this inclusive space, artists are empowered to explore their …

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Colorful Harmonies: Elisabetta Maniàci’s Abstract Symphony

Elisabetta Maniàci, a Sicilian artist from Montelepre, introduces a new series of canvases in relation, small works that are placed side by side, juxtaposed, and contrasted, always maintaining visual coherence. Her technique is indeed a very personal reinterpretation of the abstract that pulls dense pigment to form complex decorative movements. It’s the rotation of the …

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Celebrating the Mesmerizing Winners of the Water Visual Art Competition!

The Water Art Competition, hosted by Move In Colors, has once again made waves in the art community, showcasing the profound nature of water. Today, we unveil the winners and explore artistic interpretations that emerged from a sea of entrants. The selected works offer diverse perspectives on this vital resource, ranging from paintings to mixed …

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A Global Competition

A global event to celebrate the synergy between the Facebook group “Unite the Arts” which has a few thousand registered creatives from different countries and the non-profit artistic association “Move in Colors”: it is a free competition open to all members, to the Page or to the Association. The participating works will remain for three …

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Sara Teresano’ Suspended Realities

At the SpazioQuattro art gallery in Messina we find “Realtà Sospese” (Suspended Realities), with the sculptures by Sara Teresano, Her works talk of a long reflection on universal life, without making distinctions between categories of beings, without looking for an epilogue or a reason that justifies the succession of generations. The artist, absolutely self-taught in …

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Angie: Hello everyone! We’re back! We’ve just returned from a holiday in Tuscany and I must say that few places in the world can compare to this region for its artistic legacy! We’ve visited the Palazzo Strozzi first exhibition that focuses on digital art: “Let’s get Digital” It was amazing! Running from May 18 to …

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Why MicMac?

Now, thanks to digital collections and exhibitions, visiting a museum can be done from home, too. Virtual storytelling enhances the museum experience Tools like 3D, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) give museums the opportunity to bring collections to life through immersive experiences of visual content. VR can be used to create museum tours, …

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Hello everyone

The new Association Move in Colors is born! And its website also has a blog which we will be keeping updated and interesting, with contributions from experts and novices alike, posting news, information and opinions. We plan to share our opinions on many things, but not as experts or professors or critics, but more like …

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