Ongoing Exhibitions

February 15 – August 14, 2023

Born and raised in Mexico City, I now live in Tiburon, California (just north of San Francisco) and also in Mexico City. I have a Bachelor Degree on Educating Teachers in a Foreign Language (French), and a Master Degree in Linguistics.

Since my youth, I have been passionate about music in general and opera in particular and also in photography. My love for travel has allowed me to know many parts of the world. During my extensive travels, photography became a very important part of my trips.

Four years ago, I learned about digital photography which has changed my life; I have enrolled in several online Digital Photography courses and currently belong to many Facebook groups where compelling artists post their works. I’m also part of several Virtual Museums as an Emerging Artist, where you can see many of my artworks, and right now I’m preparing to show my works in a couple of virtual exhibitions, and a couple of in presence exhibitions: one in Mexico and one in Milan, Italy.

February 15 – April 14, 2023
Nude art has gone through great ideological changes: in the beginning, male nudes were representative of martyrs, gods and warriors, whereas female nudity wanted to depict fertility or well-being. Only in the modern era the nudity has become a specific theme in Art (la maya Desnuda – Goya 1797), inspired by the fluidity of the human form.
Now this art topic symbolizes everything, from innocence and vulnerability to love or even lust; but also, strength and power!
Show your idea of nudity; don’t be prude, have the audacity to express the meaning of your Nude Art!
15 January 2023 – 14 March 2023
You’re an artist, and as such you seek inspiration from any random event or object you may encounter.
You’re “Curioser and Curioser”, just like Alice, when she enters the “rabbit hole” to another parallel universe, and your imagination is flowing beyond reality.

You’re embracing a chaotic, yet controllable, emotion that is consciously… unconscious and that will come together in your newest artwork.

Catch your Serendipity, follow it, measure it, live it and… Create!
01 August 2022 – 31 July 2023

David Richardson was born in Buckingham, England in 1967 and Graduated in Photography and graphic design in 1985.

He set up and started to trade as Fotomagnifico in 1992

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