Hall of Fame

Winning artworks of our competitions, together with those credited with a special mention by our art critic Massimiliano Reggiani, are presented here.

All artworks on sale will show the selling price  and relevant details to place an order directly with the artists.

As a non-profit Art Association, Move in Colors will never ask for commissions on any sale made by the artist.

Ongoing Exhibitions

February 5th – March 4th

Elisabetta Maniaci, a Sicilian artist from Montelepre, presents a new series of canvases in relation, small works that are juxtaposed, placed side by side, contrasted, always maintaining a visual coherence. Indeed, her technique is a highly personal reinterpretation of the abstract, pulling the pigment kept thick to form complex decorative movements.

January 28th – March 24th

Water, the essence of life, holds profound symbolism and complexity. It’s the cornerstone of existence, vital for all life forms and deeply ingrained in cultures worldwide. Yet, water faces grave challenges, especially pollution. Human activities have contaminated water bodies, endangering ecosystems and human health. This juxtaposition highlights the dichotomy of water—life-giver and threatened resource. Additionally, water embodies contrasts: from quenching thirst to the vastness of the sea, from gentle snowfall to the might of monsoons. Its adaptability and power shape our world in myriad ways, nurturing life while also wielding immense force. Understanding water’s significance, preserving its purity, and responsibly managing its resources are critical steps toward ensuring its role as the sustainer of life and guardian of our planet.

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