Hall of Fame

Winning artworks of our competitions, together with those credited with a special mention by our art critic Massimiliano Reggiani, are presented here.

All artworks on sale will show the selling price  and relevant details to place an order directly with the artists.

As a non-profit Art Association, Move in Colors will never ask for commissions on any sale made by the artist.

Ongoing Exhibitions

May 27th – June 26th

Pain, a universal experience, transcends species boundaries, touching all living beings—humans, plants, and animals alike. It encompasses emotional despair, loss, and the agony of witnessing our planet’s decline. The abandonment of hope, felt deeply in moments of despair, echoes not only in human suffering but also in the collective anguish of ecosystems devastated by environmental degradation. Loss, whether of a loved one or the disappearance of species and habitats, unites us in shared sorrow. Interestingly, pain extends beyond humans; plants and animals, in their own ways, experience distress and struggle. Plants react to threats, and animals display signs of suffering and fear. Recognizing pain’s universal presence underscores our interconnectedness and shared vulnerability. It calls for compassion, solidarity, and a collective commitment to alleviate suffering and preserve the well-being of all life on Earth.

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