Susie Leff: Multicultural Reflection Through the Aesthetics of the Face

Susie Leff’s art manifests as a profound and sensitive exploration of humanity, particularly through the lens of female faces, reflecting the complexity of the globalized world in which we live. Influenced by her incessant travels, Leff embraces an approach nourished by the biological and cultural bases of human behaviour, a concept made famous by the work of Irenäus Eibl-Eibesfeldt.

Through her digital reworking of images, Susie Leff transforms the human face into a medium for emotional communication. Each photograph captures the multiple facets of human existence, highlighting variations in expressions and moods. This approach is not only an artistic expression but also an anthropological analysis that challenges preconceived cultural conceptions, revealing the universal nature of human emotions.

The period of the pandemic saw Leff delve even deeper into her passion for digital photography, transforming her artistic practice into a process of deeper reflection and communication. Her works thus become bridges between individual and universal experiences, inviting viewers to connect with human emotions with a new awareness.

Despite her initial education not being in the artistic field, Susie Leff has absorbed cultural and artistic influences from around the world, with particular attention to European portraiture and 20th-century avant-gardes. This eclectic background is reflected in her approach to art, which incorporates stylistic and conceptual elements from various traditions and artistic movements.

Leff’s works are not mere travel memories or aesthetic exoticism; they are rather manifestations of multicultural epiphanies, in which colour and composition create a vibrant dialogue between the real and the imaginary. Her images are invitations for the observer to immerse themselves in an emotional and cultural journey, where past and present merge into an aesthetic narrative pulsating with life and meaning.

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