About The Association

An International Non-Profit Art Association with Interactive Museum and Market Place

Move in Colors is an association that aims to represent every artistic category and is working towards becoming the largest and most unique business collaboration of its kind. We offer professionalism and a space for artists to grow and fulfill their artistic aims. We have people spread all over the world, with good training, but above all with the motivation, the ability and the desire to get involved in an enterprising association, thanks to one basic ingredient: their love of art.

Move in Colors offers a Virtual Interactive Museum: the Micmac (Move in Colors Museum of Arts and Crafts) where all art shall be presented; from painting to music, including sculpture, photography, dance, cinema, theatre, etc.

Micmac wants to encourage and spread the knowledge of art with regular publications and exhibitions providing a space for members and non-members who wish to use our site to promote their Art. We offer an online Museum which will show art works in vast rooms, a Museum open to all visitors.

All artist members will have the possibility of selling their art directly to buyers with the creation of special spaces dedicated for their portfolios and contact details (no commission will ever be charged to artists for the sale of their art). Any Artist (member or non-member) will be encouraged to add their pieces to our monthly themed group exhibitions.

We will also be displaying exhibitions by external galleries. Our Market Place (as opposed to Micmac) further offers a selling point for anyone wishes to sell any art or art related items (be it old paintings, photographs or even old furniture), that do not fall under the Micmac category, directly to buyers.

Alessandra Lugli

Founder, President, Artist
Art can be considered one of the greatest expressions of our souls. The recent pandemic has highlighted that the deeply embedded exclusivity of the art market needs a radical overhaul. There are several threads to this need for an overhaul, firstly, people find it difficult to appreciate modern art as they have limited access to it as it is presented to the world in exhibitions that are exclusive to rich people. This is compounded by the fact that prices are ever-growing making ownership beyond the grasp of the average person.
Further, it is undoubtedly true that only certain artists can “make it” in this field, leaving hordes of talented people out in the cold, denying the world access to their art.
As an artist who has some contacts in this field and with the cooperation of other experts, I have decided to harness the freedom of the internet to create an international platform where people can promote their art freely, offering an open and transparent forum where art can be viewed and sales made at all price levels. Using social media and the internet in general, in this way creates new paths for artists to express and share their views and deepest feelings about life through their art.

Wrick Samadder

Technical Administrator, Vice President

In my view, each and every particles are part of this gigantic cosmic art. Art can’t be categorised or defined. Anything which provides new realizations, creations, knowledge, dimensions, identity, thoughts, hopes etc…, I accept as a form of Art and whoever behind this, is an Artist.

I have never considered myself to be an artist, however I do consider myself as a curious being: I love to share my realization on canvas and I love to learn and create new things.

In this Association, we are starting by providing a platform where opportunities and exposure are all in a single site. We are a small but dedicated team but with a large and clear vision: to create a space for all to present their creativity. We need every creative soul’s help, support, suggestions, engagements, criticism etc. to encourage, to enhance and to help evolve our association and help it move towards our goal.

Our goal is simple – “ Save humanity – Save eARTh”

Lucia Vacchetta

Founder, Accounts Administrator
We live in difficult, uncertain times, in which communication, sociability, and hope for the future have lost their strength. It is in moments like these that art can and must represent a refuge for the soul and at the same time a push towards a possible rebirth. I am not an artist but I have always been lucky enough to have people

With special artistic talents in my family, both in the musical and pictorial fields. Art is movement, it is the discovery of one’s soul, it is liberation. And this is true for everyone, for those who create and for those who have the opportunity to enjoy the works of others. This is why I enthusiastically embraced the idea of Move in Colors, which has the ambition to provide an innovative and usable means of sharing everyone’s art, opening the doors to artists from all over the world and giving them a forum to gain visibility that they would otherwise not achieve. Exchanges, contacts, collaborations will all be facilitated; the goal is vitality, movement, renewal. Although my contribution will not be artistic, I will work with enthusiasm and conviction to support success of the project, certain in my belief that Move in Colors can enrich the lives of everyone

Jean Lugli

Founder, Commercial Administrator

An artist creates not only to make himself known, but also and above all to get to know himself. Perhaps the supreme Artist has included us in his fractal work so that we could do as he does: to recognize that we make ourselves known by knowing each other.

That’s why making art is so liberating, especially in times of coercion of space and spirit. It is necessary to create, even if only for the pure pleasure of doing so, to feel that we have not lost the bond with the deep Self, which screams at us that we are not only body, but also aspiration. When I see the work of an artist, I judge it. I cannot do otherwise. I also do it with my creations, it serves to improve me. If I produce little, I express myself little and judge myself less, I therefore become more tolerant of the world, but I fall asleep and do not seem to evolve. It’s like the paintings you have at home: after a while you don’t even see them anymore, but you like them because they have become familiar. Is this good? No. Everything we consider really wonderful moves all the time, even the mountains. The poetry book left in the drawer, the statue darkened by smog, the forgotten song are examples of works that have lost energy. They relive only for a moment when nostalgia pushes us to a revival movement, but then return to the tomb of immobility. What can we do with it? Paradigm shift. Consider the works something much more fluid and less sacred. Let the creation be a flow that is not clogged by boulders that we deliberately leave in the way. Lift the picture that has now left its imprint on the wall and put the otherwise beautiful, but fresher, offered by your sister. That’s the idea. In times when shipping and delivery of items have reached their apex, we can also make the environments in which we live less static from an artistic point of view. So why not share a buy-sell exchange space where everything that is art begins to move from one house to another for the pure pleasure of renewing ideas and colors? In the true spirit of “Move In Colors”

Massimiliano Reggiani

Art Critic
Art is a voluntary act aimed at communicating with others or making a statement on a living space; it is conditioned by cultural heritage and is often subconsciously affected by the past..
Art engages the senses, it does not necessarily arouse emotion but is made up of colours, lines, sounds, surfaces, volumes, and gestures. Art is intentional and it is a language: disjointed and impulsive, complete or complex, refined and embedded in tradition. 
There are infinite possibilities, infinite combinations that have  been ignited over time but beware: art is not evolution; it feeds on the past but it is constantly reformed. It is effective, even over time, if it stimulates or affects people consciously or subconsciously, physiologically or profoundly.  On the surface an artist speaks to their own social group, in the intimate way they whisper directly to our subconscious, our instincts. When evaluating art, I draw upon my youth as well as my artistic studies as decorator and scenographer at the Paolo Toschi art institute in Parma, my academic diploma of scenography from the University of Bologna and my degree in Law and Philosophy from the University of Parma. I have a cosmopolitan background: immersing myself in the bourgeois and chatty  Parma of my youth; the wooded and orderly Bavaria; a Berlin that was renewed reinvented frenetically following the collapse of the wall; the silent and deeply embedded historical city of Pesaro; the sunny and windy plains of Trapani; the deep glitter of Pantelleria and its sea, and Palermo’s exuberant and dramatic social contrasts. I was born in Reggio Emilia in 1969 and I manage the Reggiani Art Critics Facebook page in association with Monica Cerrito.

Arindam Bhattacharya

Art Critic, Artist

Arindam Bhattacharyya is a PhD scholar and researcher of Music from Rabindra Bharati University . Arindam inherited music from his illustrious musical family of Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Though he is born and brought up with the sound of Tabla, his inner urge and gifted voice turned him into a Vocalist. Being an ‘A’ Grade Artist of All India Radio(Kolkata) and Doordarshan(Kolkata), he performed extensively all over India and abroad. He is also an honored examiner of various music schools colleges and universities like Bharati Kala Kendra/lacnow, Visva-Bharati University/Shantiniketan etc

He is blessed by Sarod Meastro Ustad Aashish Khan and Padmasree Ustad Rashid Khan.
Beside pure Classical music Arindam is a very promising Composer and Music Director.
In his view every form of art is reciprocate with each other and complementary . Nature is the source of knowledge. Every form of art derives to replicate and review the nature. Inquisitiveness to knowledge is the prime factor which enhances the ability to connect the forms of art.

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