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An International Non-Profit Art Association with Interactive Museum and Market Place..

Move in Colors is an international association for all types of Contemporary Art. It wants to represent every artistic category and  become the largest and most unique business collaboration of its kind. It offers professionalism and a space for artists to grow and fulfill their artistic aims, unites people who create, with people who enjoy art.

Move in Colors aims to create a unique space in which artists can show and promote their art, where they can interact with fellow members, encouraging and promoting.

This Association also collates offers of relevant services, special offers and collaborations into one easily accessible place.  We have people spread all over the world, with good training, but above all with the motivation and the ability and desire to get involved in an enterprising association, thanks to the basic ingredient: their love of art

Ongoing Exhibitions

Cities, once envisioned as ideal hubs of progress, have evolved into sprawling megalopolises. Initially, suburbs offered a tranquil balance, but now face isolation and disparities. Amidst urban chaos, ancient sites remind us of our cultural heritage. In these vibrant but crowded spaces, a paradox exists: while cities foster collective life and cultural fusion, they also generate feelings of alienation. They embody both innovation and struggle, progress and pitfalls. Balancing urban development’s virtues—innovation, cultural exchange, and progress—with challenges like sprawl, disparity, and environmental impact is crucial. Creating cities that embrace inclusivity, human connection, and sustainable growth is essential for harmonizing history with the dynamism of modern life.

Upcoming Expos

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