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An International Non-Profit Art Association with Interactive Museum and Market Place..

Move in Colors is an international association for all types of Contemporary Art. It is an association that wants to represent every artistic category and wants to become the largest and most unique business collaboration of its kind. It offers professionalism and a space for artists to grow and fulfill their artistic aims, unites people who create, with people who enjoy art.

Move in Colors aims to create a unique space in which artists can show and promote their art, where they can interact with fellow members, encouraging and promoting.

This Association also collates offers of relevant services, special offers and collaborations into one easily accessible place.  We have people spread all over the world, with good training, but above all with the motivation and the ability and desire to get involved in an enterprising association, thanks to the basic ingredient: their love of art

Ongoing Exhibitions

I do not have an art education. At 20 years old, I suddenly started drawing, and soon left it as was engaged in jewellery. In 1985, accidentally discovering the unusual properties of illuminated photo paper, I began to paint again, finding colours with a razor under the black layer of an illuminated photo paper.

Many paintings are with clients and in personal collections in Europe, Asia, and America

Some Artworks have been acquired by galleries: Los Angeles 1992 Marcel 2000, Kempten (Germany) 2016 Paphos (Cyprus) 2017 I am also a member of the International Association Vatikam (Paris, France) and winner of various international contests

Since the beginning of human creativity, magic and art went hand in hand. The ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead is one of the earliest examples of art made for magical purposes. From the philosophical point of view, the link between art and magic displays the hidden rules of nature, investigates the visible world, and shows the realm of dreams and desires. Displaying the very best and the worst of human nature.

If you feel that the transformative power of art and of the artistic process are, themselves, forms of magic, show your works here!

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01 November - 30 December 2023
15 October - 14 December 2023
15 November 2023 - 14 January 2024
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15 November 2023 - 14 January 2024

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