Terms and conditions

  1. Competitions are open to all participants (members or non-members) for a fee of €7 per artwork (Maximum 2 works per artist accepted)
  2. The duration of the exhibition is of 2 months.
  3. All participants MUST fill in the ARTIST CALL FOR SUBMISSION form in order to enter the exhibition, clearly indicating the title of the Competition they wish to join
  4. Participants must send payment and work/s by the indicated TIME LIMIT. Delays will prevent from participating in the exhibition
  5. Payments will be registered as “Participation fees”
  6. Winners of the Competition will win a free professional art critic together with a free annual registration to the Association or a free solo expo in our MicMac gallery.
  7. Some artists, chosen by our art critic, may also receive a free SPECIAL MENTION for their artistic abilities.
  8. All participants will receive a participation certificate
  9. Competitions will open with a minimum of 10 participating artworks; in case the minimal number is not reached, the competition shall be postponed or canceled 

2023-2024 Competitions

The 7 Chakras

Focus on your energy to create Art

From 01 November 2023

Works of art are always the result of an emotional melting pot of subtle energies intertwining.


What remains of the phone call that changed the artist’s mood? A violent brushstroke, a more intense nuance, an unexpected note, one word more, one detail less… 

If the Chakras could light up on the back of an artist in the process of creation, perhaps there would be a slow-motion firework display.

If the Chakras could emit sound. Perhaps we would hear a symphony or a cacophony? 

If the Chakras were Scents, perhaps the artist would slip into a narcotic sleep or leave the room in disgust.


In this series of competitions, the Chakras will accompany us on a journey into the inner selves of artists who will lay bare their emotional states in an ascending path from Earth to Heaven.

7 steps for 7 competitions and at each ‘step’ the artists involved will share their path to creative enlightenment.

There are numerous concepts and elements linked to each Chakra. From time to time, we will publish a summary list of the concepts and elements linked to each Chakra that will be the inspiration for the works in the competition.

We start on 01 October with the First Chakra, and every 2 months we will move up one energy level. Some, perhaps, will accompany us all the way, others will choose to celebrate the state with which they are in greater spiritual harmony.

Those who will be able to best convey something of themselves will be rewarded with professional art criticism and membership benefits.

Chakra 1 - Mulhadara

01 November 2023

Time limit for subscriptions: 20 October

“I Exist”

Element:  Earth (rooting)

Frequency: 261 Hz (musical note DO/C

Colour: Red                       

Sense: Smell

Body organ: Perineum, sexual organs

Positive emotions: Hope, life force, self-preservation, tenacity, rhythm, trust

Negative emotions: Existential fears, egoism, impulsiveness, inertia, sloth.

Minerals: Silver

Crystals: Heliotrope, Smoky Quartz, Fire Agate, Tiger’s Eye, Hematite

Plant: Cherry tree

Totem animal: Elephant with 7 trunks

Chakra 2 - Svadhishthana

01 January 2023

Time limit for subscriptions: 20 December

“I Feel, I Desire”

Element:  Water

Frequency: 293Hz (musical note RE/D)

Colour: Orange                   

Sense: Touch, Taste

Body organ: Lower abdomen kidneys, blood circulation

Positive emotions: Body awareness, vitality, creativity, joy of life, fertility

Negative emotionsdependence on pleasure, jealousy, anxiety of loss, instinctiveness.

Minerals: Orange Calcite

Crystals: Citrine Quartz, Rutilated quartz, Moonstone, Carnelian, Yellow Topaz

Plant: Cherry plum

Totem animal: CrocodileDO

Chakra 3 -Manipura

01 March 2024

Time limit for subscriptions: 20 February

“I Can”

Element:  Fire

Frequency: 329Hz (musical note MI/E)

Colour: Red                       

Sense: Smell

Body organ: stomach, pancreas, liver, gall bladder, spleen and small intestine, teeth and nails.

Positive emotions: action, will, power and personal assertion.

Negative emotions: hyperactivity, aggressiveness and egocentrism


Crystals: yellow agate, amber, golden beryl (heliodor and chrysoberyl), yellow chalcedony, yellow calcite, tiger’s eye, citrine quartz

Plant: 10-petalled lotus flower, called Nabhi

Totem animal: Ram

Chakra 4 - Anahata

01 May 2024

Time limit for subscriptions: 20 April

“I Love”

Element:  Air

Frequency: 349Hz (musical note FA/F)

Colour: Green, Pink                 

Sense: Touch

Body organ: the heart and circulatory system, the lungs, the thymus, the upper limbs and the hands.

Positive emotions: love, compassion, patience and humility, awareness and balance

Negative emotions: Pain

Crystals: Pink quartz, Boji stone, Malachite, Green tourmaline, Opal, Ruby

Plant: Green Tea, Rose

Totem animal: Antelope

Chakra 5 - Vishudda

01 July 2024

Time limit for subscriptions: 20 June

“I Say”

Element: Ether

Frequency: 392Hz (musical note SOL/G)

Colour: Azure                      

Sense: Hearing

Body organ: Trachea, throat, vocal cords, nose, ears, thyroid and parathyroid endocrine glands.

Positive emotions: Communication, creative expression, diplomacy and sincerity.

Negative emotions: Anger, pride and sense of superiority, dogmatism, authoritarianism and fanaticism.

Crystals: Aquamarine, blue agate, amazonite, azurite, blue chalcedony, blue calcite, celestine, chrysocolla, lapis lazuli, opal, sodalite, turquoise, sapphire.

Plant: lotus flower with 16 petals

Totem animal: White Elephant

Chakra 6- Ajna

01 September 2024

Time limit for subscriptions: 20 August

“I See”

Element:  Light

Frequency: 440Hz (musical note LA/A)

Colour: Indigo, purple      

Sense: The sixth sense

Body organ: Eyes, the pituitary gland or pituitary gland, the hormonal system and the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord).

Positive emotions: Vision, intuition, creative imagination and clarity.

Negative emotions: Impatience, selfishness, self-exaltation, ambition for power and lack of responsibility.

Crystals: Amethyst, fluorite, labradorite, lapis lazuli, moldavite, opal, sodalite, sapphire, zircon.

Plant: Himalayan Columbine

Totem animal: Black antelope

Chakra 7 - Sahastrara

01 November 2024

Time limit for subscriptions: 20 October

“I Know”

Element:  Metal

Frequency: 493Hz (musical note SI/B)

Colour: White                 

Sense: Empathy

Body organ: pineal gland or epiphysis

Positive emotions: Enlightenment, Truth and Realisation

Negative emotions: attachment to worldly things, rigidity, dissatisfaction and superficiality.

Crystals: Hyaline quartz, amethyst, diamond

Plant: lotus flower with a thousand petals

Totem animal: Kundalini serpent

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