Terms and conditions

  1. Competitions are open to all members (Maximum 3 works per artist accepted)
  2. The duration of the exhibition is of 2 months.
  3. All participants MUST fill in the ARTIST CALL FOR SUBMISSION form in order to enter the exhibition, clearly indicating the title of the Competition they wish to join
  4. Participants must  work/s by the indicated TIME LIMIT. Delays will prevent from participating in the exhibition
  5. Participation is FREE for registered member.
  6. Winners of the Competition will win a free professional art critic.
  7. Some artists, chosen by our art critic, may also receive a free SPECIAL MENTION for their artistic abilities.
  8. All participants will receive a participation certificate
  9. Competitions will open with a minimum of 10 participating artworks; in case the minimal number is not reached, the competition shall be postponed or cancelled.



2024 Competitions

Art is communication, it is the desire to share one’s emotions, the desire for contact, the need to arouse interest, to receive attention: art is interaction. For this to happen, a language is needed, a coherence of expression and above all it is necessary to have something to say. Art, in fact, communicates, and like all speech, it must not be words spoken in vain, half sentences, inarticulate sounds. When we want to converse with someone we do so in order to understand, to convey, to make ourselves understood. Therefore, for each Move in Colors competition, I will try to reward clarity of expression, not just technique or happy intuition, but the ability to express your idea, or emotion, on the subject matter.

That is why I have searched for themes that belong to the whole of humanity, to each and every one of us, regardless of our creed, culture or nationality. I hope they capture your interest: it is a global comparison, the Artists of our Association live in the most diverse corners of the planet, but all of them, through Art, can enrich the collective reflection on the challenges of the third millennium.

I am delighted that the six 2024 competitions are open to everyone, just become a member of the Association: there are no financial barriers, anyone can participate. The web has opened up the possibility of a global culture, it has erased the barriers of space and time: you artists are the best suited to build this universal language, which goes beyond words and can shine in every heart.

One last note: when you send a photograph of your work, always name it this way: First name, last name, nationality, title, technique, measurements. This facilitates our administration work; it is important to respect the rules! 

Massimiliano Reggiani (ART CRITIC)

Here are the six topics for 2024!

The city

Winner nomination and MicMac Expo opening on 25 March

Time limit for subscriptions: 14 March

Cities, once envisioned as ideal hubs of progress, have evolved into sprawling megalopolises. Initially, suburbs offered a tranquil balance, but now face isolation and disparities. Amidst urban chaos, ancient sites remind us of our cultural heritage. In these vibrant but crowded spaces, a paradox exists: while cities foster collective life and cultural fusion, they also generate feelings of alienation. They embody both innovation and struggle, progress and pitfalls. Balancing urban development’s virtues—innovation, cultural exchange, and progress—with challenges like sprawl, disparity, and environmental impact is crucial. Creating cities that embrace inclusivity, human connection, and sustainable growth is essential for harmonizing history with the dynamism of modern life.

Pain and sorrow

Winner nomination and MicMac Expo opening on 27 May

Time limit for subscriptions: 12May

Pain, a universal experience, transcends species boundaries, touching all living beings—humans, plants, and animals alike. It encompasses emotional despair, loss, and the agony of witnessing our planet’s decline. The abandonment of hope, felt deeply in moments of despair, echoes not only in human suffering but also in the collective anguish of ecosystems devastated by environmental degradation. Loss, whether of a loved one or the disappearance of species and habitats, unites us in shared sorrow. Interestingly, pain extends beyond humans; plants and animals, in their own ways, experience distress and struggle. Plants react to threats, and animals display signs of suffering and fear. Recognizing pain’s universal presence underscores our interconnectedness and shared vulnerability. It calls for compassion, solidarity, and a collective commitment to alleviate suffering and preserve the well-being of all life on Earth.

The sky

Winner nomination and MicMac Expo opening on 29 July

Time limit for subscriptions: 14 July

The sky, an expansive canvas above, embodies both potential and dreams. It serves as a gateway to travel and exploration, a limitless expanse that ignites our imaginations. Whether as a bright blue canopy on a sunny day or a mesmerizing tapestry of stars on a clear night, it captivates us with its sheer beauty. It represents boundless possibilities, inviting us to look upward and dream, fostering a sense of wonder and curiosity about what lies beyond. The sky offers an escape, an avenue for aspirations to soar beyond earthly constraints. It’s a canvas for our fantasies and aspirations, evoking a sense of freedom and the thrill of the unknown.During the day, it paints the world with its vivid blue hue, inviting us to gaze upward and contemplate the vastness of the universe. At night, it transforms into a tapestry of stars and galaxies, a mesmerizing quilt that sparks awe and contemplation. Moreover, the sky is a theater of nature’s spectacle—the dance of clouds, the palette of colors during sunsets, and the ever-shifting patterns of light and shadow. It presents us with moments of tranquility and breathtaking beauty, inviting us to pause and appreciate the fleeting wonders nature offers. Ultimately, the sky transcends its physical presence; it’s a symbol of hope, freedom, and endless possibilities. It encourages us to dream, to explore, and to marvel at the beauty that surrounds us, both within our atmosphere and in the vastness of the cosmos.


Winner nomination and MicMac Expo opening 30 September

Time limit for subscriptions: 15 September

Red, a color of immense versatility, carries within it the power to convey strength and suffering alike. It serves as both an alarm bell, signaling danger, and a vibrant hue representing vitality and intensity. The boldness of red gives strength—a symbol of vigor and energy, evoking passion and determination. Yet, it also holds the capacity to express suffering, often associated with pain or anguish. As an alarm signal, red commands attention, serving as a warning of potential hazards or imminent threats. Its visibility and association with danger make it a universal symbol of caution. However, red is not merely a warning; it’s also the hue of ripe fruit—luscious and inviting. It embodies the warmth of summer and the sweetness of abundance. This duality showcases red’s ability to signify both caution and the richness of life’s offerings. Ultimately, red encompasses a spectrum of emotions and meanings. It’s a color that embodies strength and suffering, danger and allure, serving as a reminder of life’s complexities and contrasts.

The Past

Winner nomination and MicMac Expo opening on 25 November

Time limit for Subscriptions: 10 November

The past, an intangible realm, holds everything we can no longer possess—a treasury of memories that can evoke both nostalgia and sorrow. It’s a repository of experiences, shaping our identities and offering lessons for the future. In reminiscence, the past can evoke feelings of longing or melancholy as we recall what’s gone. Yet, it also serves as a steadfast foundation, grounding us in our history and offering insights to guide our path forward. Moreover, the past isn’t just a collection of bygone moments; it’s a legacy left by those who preceded us. They’ve bequeathed to us their struggles, ideals, and aspirations. Their battles have forged the world we inhabit today, and their dreams have become our inheritance. Therefore, the past is not only a repository of memories but also a source of resilience and inspiration. It’s a reminder of our roots and an illumination of the path ahead, guiding us through the wisdom gained from those who walked before us. It’s both a bittersweet recollection and a guiding light for the future, offering a bridge between what was, what is, and what can be.

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