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Welcome to an exciting new art competition that invites artists to explore the theme of the sky. This competition, hosted by Move in Colors, aims to encourage artists to tap into the endless possibilities and aspirations that the sky represents.

The sky has always been a powerful symbol in art, representing optimism, liberation, and creativity. It stretches infinitely above us, a canvas of ever-changing colors and designs. From the gentle pinks of sunrise to the vibrant oranges of sunset, from the bright blues of a clear day to the enigmatic blacks of a starry night, the sky offers countless opportunities for artistic expression.

Imagine capturing the brief beauty of a sunset or the serene grandeur of a starry night. The appeal of the sky as a artistic subject lies in its vastness and unpredictability. It encourages artists to step out of their comfort zones and discover new perspectives.

This article will explore the details of “The sky” art competition, providing insights on how you can join and what awaits you. Get ready to unleash your creativity!

The “The sky” Art Competition

Overview of the Competition

Imagine a canvas filled with the vast expanse of the night sky, where artists can pour their dreams and visions. The “The sky is the limit!” art competition invites all artists to delve deep into their imaginations and create artworks inspired by the night sky. This competition is not just about showcasing talent but also about sharing personal experiences and interpretations of the celestial wonders above us.

To participate in this exciting art competition:

Eligibility Criteria

Open to artists worldwide, regardless of age or professional background.

Participation Steps

  1. Register on the Move in Colors website.
  2. Submit your artwork along with a brief description of your inspiration.
  3. Ensure all entries are submitted before the deadline.

Submission Deadline

All entries must be submitted by midnight on July 14th.

Encouragement for Artists

The night sky has been a muse for artists for centuries. Its vastness, mystery, and beauty offer endless possibilities for creativity. Whether it’s capturing the shimmering stars, the serene moon, or the vibrant hues of twilight, artists are encouraged to explore their personal experiences and emotions connected to the night sky.

Competition Details

Acceptable Mediums

Artists can choose from a variety of mediums to express their visions. The following mediums are allowed:

  • Paintings
  • Drawings
  • Digital Art
  • Photography
  • Mixed Media

By allowing diverse mediums, the competition ensures that every artist can find their unique voice and medium of expression.

Importance of Submission Deadline

Sticking to the submission deadline is crucial for eligibility. Late entries won’t be considered, so it’s essential to plan and complete your artwork well in advance. Remember:

“Every moment counts when creating something extraordinary.”

By adhering to deadlines, artists demonstrate professionalism and commitment — highly valued in competitive art circles.

Embrace this opportunity to showcase your interpretation of the night sky and be part of a global community celebrating creativity and imagination.

Opportunities for Artists and Participants

“The sky” competition offers various opportunities for artists to gain recognition and expand their reach within the art community. This isn’t just about showcasing talent; it’s about opening doors to new possibilities and experiences.

Art Critic and Special Mentions

An essential aspect of this competition is the chance to receive a professional art critic review. This opportunity allows artists to get insightful feedback on their work from seasoned critics. Such reviews can be incredibly valuable, offering constructive critiques that help artists refine their skills and see their work from a different perspective.

Special mentions are another exciting feature of the competition. These acknowledgments highlight standout pieces that demonstrate exceptional creativity, technique, or emotional impact. Receiving a special mention can significantly boost an artist’s profile, offering them:

  • Increased visibility within the art community
  • Potential opportunities for future exhibitions
  • Enhanced credibility as an emerging artist

These recognitions are not just about accolades; they serve as milestones in an artist’s career, motivating them to continue pushing the boundaries of their creativity.

Participation Certificates

Every participant in “The sky” competition will receive a participation certificate. This certificate serves as a token of appreciation for their effort and creativity. It acknowledges their contribution to the art world and encourages them to keep exploring new horizons.

Participation certificates can be more than mere keepsakes:

  • They bolster an artist’s portfolio
  • Serve as proof of participation in international competitions
  • Can be included in resumes or CVs when applying for grants or residencies

Exhibition Duration

Participation in this competition also means having your artwork displayed for 2 months. Exhibitions provide artists with a platform to present their work to a diverse audience, including art lovers, potential buyers, and fellow artists. The exposure gained during these exhibitions can lead to networking opportunities and even sales.

Participation Requirements

To ensure all eligible artists have a fair chance, there are specific participation requirements:

  • Open to all contemporary artists
  • Submission must adhere to the theme of ‘the sky’
  • Acceptable mediums include painting, photography, digital art, and mixed media
  • Presented artworks must be sent in full screen and without framing.
  • Each artist can submit up to three artworks
  • All submissions must be original works created by the participant

Adhering to these requirements ensures that every piece submitted meets the standard expected by the competition organizers.

Encouraging artists to explore personal experiences with the night sky through their artworks adds depth and authenticity to the competition entries. Whether it’s capturing the serene beauty of a starry night or depicting the dynamic colors of a sunset, each artwork tells a unique story inspired by one of nature’s most captivating subjects—the sky.


The sky, with its vast and ever-changing canvas, offers endless possibilities for artistic expression. From the delicate hues of a sunrise to the mysterious allure of a star-filled night, the sky continuously inspires creativity in artists worldwide.

Artists are often drawn to the sky’s ability to evoke deep emotions and provoke thought. Whether capturing the ephemeral beauty of clouds or the majestic spectacle of an aurora borealis, each depiction tells a unique story.

  • Emotional Depth: The sky can convey a range of emotions, from the tranquility of a clear blue day to the drama of a stormy night.
  • Symbolism: It serves as a powerful symbol of hope, freedom, and limitless potential.
  • Diverse Mediums: Artists can explore various mediums – painting, photography, digital art – to bring their visions of the sky to life.

A piece might highlight the soft pastels of dawn or delve into the vibrant chaos of a thunderstorm. Whatever the approach, the goal remains to capture that fleeting moment where nature’s grandeur meets human creativity.

With inspiration drawn from above, artists are encouraged to keep exploring and pushing boundaries. The sky truly is the limit when it comes to artistic expression.

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