Chakra Competitions

From 01 October 2023

Works of art are always the result of an emotional melting pot of subtle energies intertwining.

What remains of the phone call that changed the artist’s mood? A violent brushstroke, a more intense nuance, an unexpected note, one word more, one detail less… 

If the Chakras could light up on the back of an artist in the creation process, perhaps there would be a slow-motion firework display.

If the Chakras could emit sound. Perhaps we would hear a symphony or a cacophony? 

If the Chakras were Scents, perhaps the artist would slip into a narcotic sleep or leave the room in disgust.

In this series of competitions, the Chakras will accompany us on a journey into the inner selves of artists who will lay bare their emotional states in an ascending path from Earth to Heaven.

7 steps for 7 competitions and at each ‘step’ the artists involved will share their path to creative enlightenment.

There are numerous concepts and elements linked to each Chakra. From time to time, we will publish a summary list of the concepts and elements linked to each Chakra that will be the inspiration for the works in the competition.

We start on 01 October with the First Chakra, and every 2 months we will move up one energy level. Some, perhaps, will accompany us all the way, others will choose to celebrate the state with which they are in greater spiritual harmony.

Those who can convey something of themselves best will be rewarded with professional art criticism and membership benefits.

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