Hello everyone

The new Association Move in Colors is born! And its website also has a blog which we will be keeping updated and interesting, with contributions from experts and novices alike, posting news, information and opinions.

We plan to share our opinions on many things, but not as experts or professors or critics, but more like mischievous imps wishing to pique your curiosity and encourage you to respond and comment.

Let us introduce ourselves:

Angie: I am a nice, kind, yet opinionated sweet, little fairy, and I stand on your right shoulder, whispering suggestions in your ear and giving you unsolicited advice. I will talk to you about Art in all its aspects, considering its many facts, and I will lead you to discover the ideal vision of art.

In this world where you, humans, must have a definition of the word “IDEAL” in order to understand what is the correct opinion to have, I will be your reference point: I will give you a better understanding of the subject and create a stronger sense of worthiness in the art that is being created.

Dave: Wow. Angie, Nice words! Did you copy them from the encyclopaedia or are they truly yours?

Angie:…maybe I made some research before writing them down… 

Dave: I knew it! You’re just an opinionated “goody-two shoes” who always does everything right and always follows the rules….and it’s so annoying…and boring!

Angie: Stop that, you are being unkind!

Dave: Alright, but let me tell you, humans, that it is lucky that you have me on your left shoulder! I am here to balance out Angie’s suggestions, to teach you how to have a totally personal opinion, unbiased and unprejudiced by what the public eye decides is the right way to view art.

You may agree with me, you may not, but you will certainly have your own opinion and you are invited to share your thoughts here.

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