A Global Competition

A global event to celebrate the synergy between the Facebook group “Unite the Arts” which has a few thousand registered creatives from different countries and the non-profit artistic association “Move in Colors”: it is a free competition open to all members, to the Page or to the Association. The participating works will remain for three months and can be visited in the virtual gallery, the MicMac museum and the chosen work will have a review on our Facebook page “Critica D’arte”. The competition gives artists the opportunity to present their own visual language, which must be coherent, unitary, capable of attracting. They are fundamental elements for distinguishing a random stain from the trace of a voluntary gesture, for feeling the author’s personality and intuiting his vision of the world, for grasping the conscious use of the perceptive mechanisms that stimulate curiosity and direct taste.

I have always maintained that every competition must be thematic and this one too, organized by “Move in Colors”, does not escape the rule because it teaches you to perfect your analytical skills. The theme of the competition, in fact, is the language of art and not the specific content. One can only guess from the title and from the elements of the work what the artist means, but many other elements necessary to understand its content are however absent: from the biography to the critical note of the work, from the contextualization in the creative path to the symbolic references and narratives that remain inextricably linked to the author’s culture of origin.

The personal language is only a part of the “stylistic code” that is the cultural identity of the artist, what he is able to transmit while remaining recognizable in the eyes of the public, but it has a fundamental importance: it is the point of first contact, the hook that drags the observer into the personal universe of the creator. The main criterion in looking at the works in competition will be precisely this: the effectiveness of the visual construction, the ability of the language to attract, to detach from the frenetic pulse of everyday life to fix itself in the collective imagination. Content and meaning will come later: when you meet an attractive person, the desire to get in touch with them, to get noticed, to establish a dialogue is triggered; then from the attraction will arise an acquaintance, perhaps an exchange, sometimes but not always an understanding or recognition of an affinity. Looking at a work of art – precisely because it is not wild nature but intentional communication – means establishing a relationship with a cultural reality. The first glance plays a fundamental role in this interaction.

The competition, however, is also subtly circumscribed: which work can be noticed? Surely it is a work of visual art, the sign and the color will dominate. It is difficult to insert a sound work, a plastic creation in which the decline of natural light enhances the surface by creating and modifying reflections and shadows. Everything happens through the web, the digital image: the realization must also consider this, the suitability to transform into an electronic screen. The work will therefore have minimal reliefs or will be virtual, being born as a file; matter will not be able to take advantage of tactile perception and the incidence of light which can only be imagined.

The winner will be announced at the end of spring: June 15, 2023. Entries remain open until midnight on April 10; from 20 April to 19 July the participating works can be visited online at the Expo at the MicMac museum. All information on the moveincolors.com website and on the Unite the Arts Facebook group.

Maximilian Reggiani
with the collaboration of Monica Cerrito

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