Alex di Tiki is a self-taught artist who started painting in 2012.
Born in Italy in 1968, she has lived for many years in exotic countries (Africa, Saudi Arabia, etc.) and the typical nostalgia for these countries has certainly influenced her art.
Initially, her works are a personal search for style, manifested with always different subjects and constantly evolving painting techniques. Finally her style becomes more personal so colors are the main tool to express harmony.
The use of shadows and lights, always very warm colors, stimulate the observer and invite him to enter the paintings with his eyes, but also with the heart and mind.

Following a dark period, Alex’s art of Tiki changes with improvements in the artistic style, but also with a desire to tackle new techniques previously not contemplated. Here is born the double artistic personality that manifests itself in figurative paintings (Alex) with attention to detail and technique, as opposed to the Pouring Art technique (Tiki) which I can define artistically chaotic and surprising.

Alex remains tied to the colorful and poetic expression of sensations. This art is a hymn to the aesthetics of colors and shapes.

Tiki, on the other hand, ranges in the fascinating world of colors, playing with the many combinations and techniques to express the chaotic world of feelings.

It is said that art is of great help and support in times of crisis, in reality it is moments of crisis that are confirmed as a help and support to modify art.

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