You certainly remember the song by Neil Diamond. It’s about a couple who have come back together after a break in their relationship. It’s an emotional moment, as Diamond sings about recalling the feeling when they danced until morning – a feeling he still gets on certain September mornings. They’ve grown apart, but not so far that they can’t remember the good times – or so he hopes.

The theme of this exhibition is the connection between memories and art.

To `represent` is to speak or act on behalf of someone, or to portray someone or something in a particular way.
Art has a powerful way of drawing people in and making them reflect in very particular ways.

Even something as natural as a water lily can lead us to deep contemplation, simply because of the very special way in which Monet portrays, in other words, `represents` the water lilies. Thus, art can have powerful transformative and restorative effects within a society as well as individuals.
Now, it’s up to you to feel this connection!

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